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Introducing more goodies for your home is what we love doing - and doing them sustainably is even better!

We've collaborated with local ceramics master Jo Norton of Norton+Norton to create our dream soap dishes, using nothing but recycled clay. We've added some natural grit to provide a course base (no one likes their soaps sliding away), hand cut corrugation to drain any water, and a lovely white glaze to finish it all off. 


The dishes are available in two shapes, rectangle (Linear) and round (Curve), and fit our MAYDE soaps perfectly. 

Sustainably hand made using 100% recycled clay soap dishes, an ideal bathroom accessory for you or as a gift.  


LINEAR DISH: The deluxe hand made rectangle soap dish is 135mmx90mm in size

CURVE DISH: The deluxe hand made round soap dish is 110mm in diameter

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$39.95 AUD