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Friends of MAYDE: Jenna Agius

Friends of MAYDE: Jenna Agius

We chat with photographer and good friend, Jenna Agius about her career, her favourite locations to shoot, how she's been surviving lockdown and what she's been listening to on repeat.

Hi Jenna! We’ve loved working with you on some of our most recent shoots, particularly around the Byron and hinterland areas. Where’s your absolute favourite spot to shoot around that region?
Hi Guys, Thanks for having me shoot for Mayde :) Our last shoot was in such a great location. I love the diversity in Northern New South Wales. I think my fav spots would be out at Killen Falls and then shooting around the ocean, especially at Fingal Headland.

How long have you been shooting for now?
I started shooting for fun in high school, I the went on to complete a Diploma in Photography after school. I took a few years off as I wasn’t really inspired to shoot for work. After my son arrived, I was motivated and picked my camera back up. Not wanting to give away how damn old I am but I would say I have been shooting professionally for about 10years.

Who would be your ultimate person to photograph and why?
To be honest my favourite people to photograph are the people that aren’t used to being in the spotlight. I love being able to make everyday people feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. Their response after seeing images of themselves looking natural and happy is what motivates me to shoot everyday.

We’re just coming out of what has been obviously a really weird time in everyone’s life, the Covid-19 crisis. Tell us what you got up to to keep the creative juices flowing during lock down…
After a few breakdowns and freak-outs I decided to get back out and shoot again. As restrictions lifted and it felt safe to be seeing more people I started my Quarantine Street series. I was offering 15min shoots outside peoples homes with whoever they had been in iso with. This was so good for my business and kept me mentally sane…. especially after trying to homeschool my 9yr old son for however many weeks. 

We’re all about supporting local - living on the Gold Coast, who are some brands/businesses you’ve been supporting that deserve a shout out?
I really miss the cafes, like just going and sitting there with my computer. I still went to Good Day (bought their cookie dough) and Stable for takeaways but its just not the same as dining in. I always have time, and somehow money, for Kind Curations, definitely my favourite store which I believe Mayde is stocked at too!

So obviously you’ve worked with us for a while now, surely you must have a favourite MAYDE towel or throw - spill!
I love my Mayde towels…. The Original Rainbow towel caught my eye many moons ago while I was in Byron, Thats when I noticed the brand. My fav now is the Black and White Crescent Towel. It comes with me everywhere.

If you could take your MAYDE towel to anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Who would you take with you?
Tasmania…. I know it's not the tropical destination many would think about, But I'd love to be snuggled up with a Mayde Throw, by a fire in a cute little cabin with a beautiful view.

And finally - give us your top 5 songs on rotation at the moment! 
Real love baby - father john misty
Blood red - No Mono
Fade into you - Mazzy star
Light years - The National
Loud Places - jamie xx

See more of Jenna's work at @jennaagiusphotography


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